RATES 16ccc 2022


Authors of articles accepted in 16ccc 2022 are reminded that, at least one of the paper's authors must register for the conference under this role. Both the registration and the presentation of the article are mandatory requirements for the publication of the work in the IEEExplore database.

Below are the steps for the enrollment and registration process for the 16ccc 2022 Conference. It is requested to have in a PDF file the evidence related to 16ccc institutional affiliation, IEEE institutional affiliation, or student (this for the cases in which it applies) . It is also requested to verify the arrival of automatic emails from the University of Quindío, even in the SPAM TRAY:

  1. Enter the URL ; then identify the 16ccc2022 Conference, and select the option See more.

  2. In the information displayed about the conference, identify the option I want to register, located at the end of the content.

  3. Next, a form is presented, where the requested information must be entered precisely, indicating the type of participation.

After this registration, the organizing team of the conference will validate the registered information. Once the validation of the registration is positive, a notification will be automatically sent to the registered email, where the unique code with the payment reference and the electronic channels for payment provided by the University of Quindío will be indicated.

For support in exceptional cases, or additional procedures required as part of the payment, we invite you to contact us using the form provided on the conference website, or by email: or Whatsapp line and calls: 313 7294289.