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The Planning and Development Advisory Office informs the university community of the following communiqué, regarding the new "Pico y Placa" measure and other provisions within the campus.

Movility Armenia

Pico y placa Armenia

Pico y Placa in Armenia: In which zones is there a restriction?

In order to alleviate traffic in the city of Armenia and reduce polluting emissions, the city's Pico y Placa was also established, which operates from Monday to Friday for cars and motorcycles in the following quadrants of the city center:

Between 11th and 25th streets and carreras 13 and 22 (inclusive): Restriction from 07:00 to 19:00 hours.

Starting and ending at the Coliseo del Café traffic circle (carrera 19 with calle 2 norte) - carrera 23- calle 23- carrera 20ª- calle 20ª- calle 26- carrera 11- calle 0- carrera 12- calle 2- carrera 19: Special schedule from 07:00 to 09:00; from 11:30 to 14:00 and from 17:30 to 19:00 hours.

Pico y Placa Schedule in Armenia:

Lunes: 3 y 4

Martes: 5 y 6

Miércoles: 7 y 8

Jueves: 9 y 0

Viernes: 1 y 2

Taxis fares

Cab companies

In the case of cabs, the minimum fare was established at 4,700 pesos; during night hours, Sundays and holidays the increase will be 1,000 pesos. To peripheral places there will be an increase of 2,600 pesos and to the airport of 3,800 pesos.

Taxis Armenia:

  • Celular: 3147511530

Radio Taxi del Quindío:

  • Fijo: (606) 7462222

Taxis Cootrafun:

  • Fijo: (606) 7404040-

  • Celular: 3113334141

Taxis Paramo

  • Celular: 3022299023

Bus fares

Through decree 410 of the year 2020, an increase in the bus fare in the city was established. Thus, during working days and on Saturdays it will be $2,100. On Sundays and holidays the amount is $2,200.

Nearby parking

Parqueadero público


  • Cl. 14 Nte. #13-59, Armenia, Quindío


  • 8:00 am a 10:00 pm

Type of vehicle

  • Carros y motos




  • 11 norte 90 carrera 15


  • 7:00 am a 10:00 pm

Type of vehicle

  • Carros y motos


Portal del Quindío


  • Av. Bolivar # 19 Norte 46


  • 6:00 am a 2:30 am

Type of vehicle

  • Carros y motos


Location University of Quindío