0.12Mb 11/08/2022 - Information on international procedures

Migratory recommendations to consider

By requirement of Migration Colombia, the official authority regulating the entry and exit of the country, any foreigner entering public universities must show evidence of the academic activities to be performed, and the stamp Permission for Integration and Development (PID) will be assigned in your passport.

PID is the Permission for Integration and Development, which is the authorization granted by Migration Colombia to foreign citizens who enter the national territory to perform different activities of short stay, where there is no profit motive, aimed at personal strengthening, oriented in cooperation, personal and/or academic efforts.

For no reason, an academic activity can be carried out in Colombian universities with an entry stamp as a tourist.

  1. In order to comply with the immigration permit at the time of entering the country, to carry out academic activities with the Universidad del Quindío as an international guest, it is necessary to comply with the following steps: Once the registration to the Conference has been confirmed, receive the invitation letter from the Universidad del Quindío (request invitation letter), verify that the information provided therein corresponds appropriately: full name, identification, institution of origin, name of the event (16ccc2022) and dates of the academic stay (October 17 to 21).

  2. Upon entering the country, present the letter of invitation to the Colombian Immigration agent at the airport checkpoint.

  3. Before leaving the Migración Colombia window, verify that your passport has the PID stamp.

  4. In case your passport has been stamped with another stamp, ask the immigration agent to make the change, showing again the invitation letter and explaining the academic activity you are going to perform in Colombia.

IMPORTANT: If the change is not made with the immigration agent, upon arrival in the city of Armenia, this procedure must be carried out at the Colombian Immigration Office in order to participate in the event. This procedure costs $120,000.00 Colombian pesos, approximately $30 dollars.

  1. Upon entering the Universidad del Quindío, present yourself at the International and Interinstitutional Relations Unit (Administrative Block 2 of the Universidad del Quindío) with your passport. There, your personal information will be taken and a copy of your passport will be taken.

  2. Finally, the International and Interinstitutional Relations Unit of the University of Quindío, URII, will be in charge of registering you in the SIRE platform, the Foreigners Registration Information System of Migration Colombia.

  3. ADDITIONAL NOTE: If, as part of your stay in Colombia, you will be visiting other Colombian universities, these visits must be explicitly indicated to the International and Institutional Relations Unit of the University of Quindío.

If you have any doubts regarding this process, you may contact us at: and, where we will answer any questions related to immigration matters.

We hope that your stay in our country will be to your liking and that the time shared at the Universidad del Quindío will allow us to generate cooperative ties around the academic and cultural growth of our countries.